Things to know

Twin Paragliding = Passenger flights, no previous knowledge needed
All pilots are trained and fully licensed by the Swiss Paragliding Association
Many years of experience guarantees high safety standards
The take-off area is a gentle grass slope - no jumping out of planes or from cliff edges

To become airborne!

Just call to arrange a time
you will drive up the mountain to the take-off area with your pilot
you will lay out the paraglider together
You will receive short instructins from your pilot and up you go!


The latest Twin Paragliding Brochure

One more thing:

Paragliding isn't just a super-action-hero-thing. Even if you're a bit nervous before the start - once you've taken off, the feeling of being as free as a bird will overwhelm you!
Movies: Takeoff 1 - Takeoff 2 - Landing
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