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Eintrag vom: 03.09.2013 | 20:06 Uhr
Name: Benjamin Maron
Message: Merci Pesche für de Flug (mit Töfffahrt)! :) Isch super gsi! Muesmer also scho überlege, dr Pilot zmache, zum chönne sälber ga flüüge zgah ;) Greez

Eintrag vom: 07.06.2013 | 16:08 Uhr
Name: Jerry Surratt
Message: What a RUSH to Soar Like an Eagle !!! What a panoramic view to fly over Interlaken, Switzerland. Thanks to both Stephan & Stephan for the trip up in sky. Truly an unforgettable experience. Jerry S. Florida, USA May 27th, 2013 trip

Eintrag vom: 28.09.2012 | 10:29 Uhr
Name: Julia und Jasmin (8) von Matt
Message: Vielen Dank an die ganze Fly-Gruppe, vorab Pitsch und Luki, die uns toll geflogen haben. Ihr macht die Sache super: gutgelaunt, professionell und unkompliziert..... Danke für dieses Erlebnis....

Eintrag vom: 29.05.2012 | 06:52 Uhr
Name: Mustafa Mun
Message: It was an awesome experience of my life, i will never ever forget this experience of paragliding, flying with my pilot cristian was too good , he was extremely experienced and knowledgeable i had the best day of my life on 28/05/2012

Eintrag vom: 14.03.2012 | 23:21 Uhr

Eintrag vom: 25.11.2011 | 18:05 Uhr
Name: Mike knotts
Message: http://youtu.be/zYzYVQfzkow another video of our great time last Sunday

Eintrag vom: 22.11.2011 | 01:30 Uhr
Name: Mike Knotts
Message: Had a great time with you yesterday , thanks for such a fun experience! I put a video up on YouTube called " High Over Interlaken" my channel name is mike48 tps ...can‘t wait to come back!

Eintrag vom: 21.11.2011 | 00:24 Uhr
Name: Ana Martins
Message: now... the pic. =)

Eintrag vom: 20.11.2011 | 23:24 Uhr
Name: Ana Martins
Message: Hallo Raymont!!! Alles gut? Fly always was a Dream in my life, but I couldn‘t ever imagine that realize it would be the most beautiful and great experience of Freedom in my Life!!! Had this experience in Interlaken, one of my favorite towns in der Schweiz was really amazing and it will be unforgetable. So, thank you for your professionalism and to take me in this awesome adventure in the sky! I loved it!!!! All the Best!!! and keep flying!!! I will come back to fly again next year!!!!

Eintrag vom: 12.10.2011 | 16:54 Uhr
Name: Maria Paganoni
Message: S‘isch ä mega-schöne Flug gsi vom Schilthorn obenabe!!! Du hesch das super gmacht Luki, danke viel mol - würd grad wieder "istiege"!!!

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