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Eintrag vom: 24.06.2017 | 12:10 Uhr
Name: Janvi Shah
Message: It was an amazing experience flying above the land and between the mountains. Thanks David for making it memorable. I am definitely coming there again :)

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Eintrag vom: 26.08.2016 | 19:32 Uhr
Name: Kate Bradshaw
Message: Many thanks to Patrick, Greg and David, we have some wonderful memories to share with our Grandson who was visiting from Japan, Best wishes to you all, Kate,Greg and Daiki

Eintrag vom: 26.08.2016 | 19:29 Uhr
Name: Kate Bradshaw
Message: Great flight.

Eintrag vom: 26.08.2016 | 19:16 Uhr
Name: Kate Bradshaw
Message: Thank you Patrick for such an unforgettable experience !

Eintrag vom: 11.10.2014 | 19:33 Uhr
Name: Hans Isehuet
Message: Louis mit Papa

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